Team : Erden B. Akkavuk

Erden B. Akkavuk

Erden B. Akkavuk

The founder of 7th Science, Dr. Erden B. Akkavuk, began his career in Human Resources. He has worked in leading holding companies, reputable international firms and projects in various sectors. In his professional life of over 30 years, he has acquired practical experience as a manager in Finance, Accounting, IT and Human Resources units. Before deciding to become an entrepreneur, Dr. Akkavuk served in the senior management of a multinational project in the energy sector. However, this ascent up the career ladder did not prevent him from pursuing his dreams. In 2006, he set up his own business in order to develop first-class business management simulations of global quality. Despite twice coming close to bankruptcy due to high R&D costs, he did not abandon the pursuit of his dreams.

In 2010, he decided to realise the crazy dream that if he developed an artificial intelligence which could analyse systems involving dynamic complexity, better-developed training could be given via complex simulations that contain a high degree of complexity that the human brain cannot easily perceive. Together with his team, Dr. Akkavuk put this project into practice in two years. With the aid of this destructive technology, his team developed over 20 simulations and took his company to the position of sector leader in Turkey, competing with international simulation companies.

To be able to fund his project, he has provided more simulation-supported training to managers and experts than perhaps any other trainer in the world. Dr. Akkavuk obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, his Master’s in the field of Management and Organisation, and his Doctorate also in Business Administration, and speaks fluent English.

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