Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Artificial intelligence gathers momentum and plays a bigger part in our lives every day. Machines now aspire to perform not only tasks requiring manual strength, but also those requiring brain power. Futurists and scientists predict that many white-collar tasks that exist today will be carried out by computers in the very near future.

So, what do we do at 7th Science? We equip professionals with competencies for achieving excellence in such a world and we prepare companies for the future. We are talking about a new generation workforce that can work with artificial intelligence to create companies’ strategies, that can overcome those firms’ deficiencies with hearts, minds and creativity, that can create values and whose strategic thinking skills are also advanced. We develop our solutions with this vision and implement them successfully. We are proud to have provided service to tens of thousands of participants both in Turkey and on international platforms since 2006 up to the present day. To check our references, you can click on the link.

With our simulations, we offer the chance to put the HERE and NOW theory into practice. Our participants can perform practical applications that almost completely resemble real life.

Our Business Management simulations (tech&touch) training enables our participants to acquire the most lifelike experiences, in which they can develop their company management skills. To examine this, you can click on the link.   

Our Soft Skills Simulations (Ultra Vital) focus on a number of social skills that enable personal and corporate development in such areas as leadership, teamwork and effective communication. In our training sessions, we support the development of permanent positive behaviours in our participants by transporting them to fantastic worlds. To obtain information about Ultra Vital, you can click on the link.

Our online assessment centre (potential analytics) offers hybrid solutions that combine expert assessment wisdom with technology-based computer measurements. While candidates are being evaluated, they spend an enjoyable time in entertaining simulation environments. To examine this, you can click on the link.

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