Team : Bünyamin Vıcıl

Bünyamin Vıcıl

Bünyamin Vıcıl

Before he began to work with 7th Science, Vıcıl worked in management for 8 years in Bursa for a firm operating in the field of web technology. He has experience related to open source software and operating systems. In 2009, he served as external supporter for the PARDUS National Operating System developed as part of TÜBİTAK’s National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology (UEKAE). By providing the Pardus Training in Bursa Nilüfer Municipality’s Local Agenda 21, he was deemed worthy of an Appreciation by UEKAE.

Besides developing the application, web and mobile interfaces of over 20 business simulations, the databases and reporting tools of these simulations that have complex structures, and their trainer and manager interfaces, Vıcıl, who has worked with 7th Science since 2007, has done all the coding of the online experiential learning tools named Xperion, which is used for teaching negotiating skills, Phantasma, which is used for training in effective communication, and Aquapolis, which is used for training in conflict management, by using the Unity 3D interface.

Vıcıl, who has training in Computer Programming and Business Administration, has a good command of English.

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