Team : Zeynep Morelli

Zeynep Morelli

Zeynep Morelli

Zeynep joined the 7th Science team in 2018 as Business Development and Marketing Manager. In addition to this duty, she also takes great pleasure in participating in training as a facilitator with her product knowledge and in training new instructors. Before joining the 7th Science family, she worked as Product Manager for a global leading multinational cosmetics company, and led numerous projects related to brand management.

She was a high school boarding student at the TEVİTÖL High School, which provides education for gifted children. After high school, she continued her education in the Business Administration Department at Boğaziçi University, graduating with an honours degree in 2016. Throughout her university education, she was an intern in sales and marketing in a number of firms and decided to pursue her career in the field of marketing. At present, in addition to her work life, she is doing a master’s in Educational Sciences at Boğaziçi University.

She has a good command of English and French. She enjoys ballet and dancing, while travel is indispensable.

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