Team : Zach Ai

Zach Ai

Zach Ai

Our colleague, ZACH AI, whom we do not have much information about in terms of the schools he attended or his experience, basically knows only two things: zero and one. After first starting to work at 7th Science as a virtual simulation player, he later gained thousands of years’ worth of strategic management experience in marketing, finance, HR, R&D and supply chain. ZACH AI, who can be a tough competitor, has put his signature to critical strategic decisions in many different sectors such as durable consumption, service, banking, technology and rapid consumption.

Later, however, his head swelled and without saying “they created me”, he began to pulverise his teammates in various simulation games, principally Fiscus Global, Big Game and Galaxy Bank. Unable to slow down, ZACH AI began to interfere in our instructors’ business as well, saying “I can give our participants more useful feedback than you can”. ZACH AI, who can analyse all companies’ risks, opportunities and potential bottlenecks in the simulation in less than a second, was appointed as a Virtual Training Assistant in order to use this skill of his. He is the most important player in our individual asynchronous instant feedback system and thanks to this, participants can complete our training with significant improvements.

Realising that he cannot be an instructor due to his lack of empathy, ZACH AI, as well as his duty as a virtual training assistant, has also become involved in our Potential Analytics project, in which he will be able to develop himself.

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