Team : Duygu Sarı Çalışkan

Duygu Sarı Çalışkan

Duygu Sarı Çalışkan

Duygu Sarı Çalışkan began her working life in 2006, and worked in various institutions and organisations in the healthcare, textile and education sectors. She worked as a facilitator of UV Simulations at 7th Science. In 2018, she took a break from work due to the birth of her baby, and rejoined the 7th Science team in 2020 as an executive assistant.

She is a graduate of the Public Administration Department at Anadolu University, but never considered working in an area related to her department of study. Therefore, she preferred occupations in which she would be in one-to-one contact with people. Since she does not like being occupied with one single task, she began her working life while still studying.

Duygu, who is married with two children, takes an interest in psychology.

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