Team : Ayşenur Yağmur Nas

Ayşenur Yağmur Nas

Ayşenur Yağmur Nas

Ayşenur Yağmur Nas joined the 7th Science team in 2018 as Solution and Product Developer. Besides developing Solutions and Products, she enjoys providing Training Assistance and working in the vibrant structure of simulated training. Before becoming a member of the 7th Science family, she worked in the fields of Social Responsibility and Sustainability. She worked in international and reputable firms and projects, and served in the Sustainability unit of one of our country’s leading holding companies.

Ayşenur studied as a boarder at the TEVİTÖL high school, which provides education for gifted children. She obtained her first diploma in 2016 in the Psychology Department of Koç University, and her second diploma, also at Koç University, in the Media and Visual Arts Department, graduating with an honours degree. During her university education, she was on active duty in the “Scheduling, Memory and Decision-Making Laboratories”, the “Language and Communication Development Working Group”, and the “Design Laboratories”. In 2014, with the support of her friends and lecturers, she implemented the Social Enterprise model that she had developed for early childhood education, as a Social Responsibility project in İzmir.

She has a good command of English, and enjoys travelling and walking.

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