Team : Murat Arslanoğlu

Murat Arslanoğlu

Murat Arslanoğlu

During his 24-year corporate career, Murat Arslanoğlu has worked in Human Resources and Administrative Affairs management, and management of the department conducting administrative-financial auditing of National and Local Media Outlets. A graduate of the History Department at Marmara University, Arslanoğlu has continued to develop himself during his career by completing a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

At the end of the year 2016, he joined the 7th Science team and received “trainers’ training”, and obtained certificates for “Systems Thinking Practices On Strategic Business Management”, “Advanced Moderation Techniques For Dynamically Complex Simulations”, and “Sustainability in Supply Chain and Channel Management”. Arslanoğlu has provided many types of instruction by implementing the supply chain, logistics, human resources, finance, marketing, competition and cooperation, and dealer management simulations. He is one of a limited number of people in Turkey with competence in management of system models that involve a high level of dynamic complexity. With these qualities, he continues to provide training under the title of master trainer, using the simulations developed with a high degree of difficulty by 7th Science. By combining the simulations he has mastered with his notion of training, he supports the training of the instructors who are educated at 7th Science. On his career path prior to joining the team at 7th Science, Arslanoğlu was a speaker and coach at various seminars and internal-external stakeholder trainings.

As well as all of these, he has been involved in music at a professional level for 25 years. He has had the chance to appear on stage at many national and international festivals. He has a good command of English and Ottoman Turkish. He is married with one child.

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