Team : Ece Mert

Ece Mert

Ece Mert

Ece Mert joined the 7th Science team in 2018 as a Training Design Manager. Besides this duty, she actively participates in training sessions as a facilitator. By utilising the experience she has gained, she designs training programmes for educating new facilitators. As a member of the 7th Science team, she enjoys integrating complex scenarios into the training she designs and testing creative approaches to problem solving. Before joining the team, she had the opportunity to develop skills like teamwork, organisation and critical thinking by working in various sectors.

She completed her high school education at the TEVİTÖL High School, which provides education for gifted children. After high school, she began her education in the Philosophy Department at Boğaziçi University, and in 2016, transferred to the Faculty of Law at Istanbul University, where she still continues her education.

She has a good command of English. Nowadays, she has a passion for computer games, and enjoys reading books and spending time in nature with her friends.

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