Team : Gonenc Gulbaz

Gonenc Gulbaz

Gonenc Gulbaz

After completing his high school education at the TEVİTÖL High School, which provides education for gifted children, Gönenç attended the Molecular Biology and Genetics Department at Boğaziçi University, and after experiencing cave and commune life on his frequent hitchhiking trips to Europe, he graduated in 2019. In his final two years at university, he was an intern in Boğaziçi University’s Psycho-Epigenetics Laboratory.

Before joining 7th Science as a Simulations Project Manager, he worked as a freelancer in search engine optimisation and artificial intelligence training. Moreover, Gönenç also has significant experience at 7th Science as a facilitator in simulation-supported training.

Throughout his education life he has played an active role in theatre clubs, worked as a windsurfing instructor and taken an interest in athletics. He has a good command of English and an intermediate level of Spanish. He plans to begin caravan life together with his wife and dog, and to continue his education with a master’s in neuroscience in Germany.

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